The Return of the Paradise Matrix/Phi-Gate Opening......5th March 2005

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This message is to bring you further information about the return of the Paradise Matrix mentioned by Archangel Michael in his last channel.

This is a very special moment for our planet. The Earth Changes initiated by the Tsunami and the new energies that have poured through from the Galactic center since 12/12/2004 have enabled the transmission of this wonderful spiral of energy from the Galactic center containing the new creations codes or triggers for the Paradise Matrix.

This matrix is the sacred geometry template for the New Earth. It will trigger and activate the original blueprint or intention for Planet Earth placed there by the Elohim creators. This "marriage" of sky and Earth will be the creative moment when the Pardise frequency is grounded onto the Planet.

Archangel Michael has asked us to work with the three Godesses or Archetypal templates of the Divine Feminine who are overseeing this process.

isis.jpg They are ISIS, MAAT and PELE.

The archetypal story of the MARRIAGE OF ISIS AND OSIRIS is one of the oldest templates for the Sacred Marriage. Isis represents that part of the Divine Feminine Energy that descends from the Galactic Center to enter into a marriage with Osiris, who is the Earth or male energy.

In ancient Egyptian cosmology, Isis is known as "Isis of Ten Thousand Names", which indicates that she is the Divine Mother or Divine Feminine energy in all its various incarnations as many female "mother" deities.

As the Divine Mother, Isis brings to Earth the energy or codes that are given to the Earth (Osiris) at the time of the Dacred Marriage. This marriage produces the golden or sacred child, who represents the New Age of Light.

maat.jpg MAAT.....represents the Cosmic Goddess, or the principle of Cosmic balance.

In ancient Egyptian cosmology, Maat was often partnered with Thoth. Thoth was the bringer of Divine Wisdom or Teaching, and Maat was the Goddess who held the Cosmic Balance of Truth and Justice.

As such, Maat is the aspect of the Divine Feminine that is concerned with holding the balance, whether it be individual, planetary, or galactic.

Maat monitors and oversees the energy release that will be experienced on planet Earth as the Paradise Matrix or Phi-gate field.

She will ensure that balance returns to Planet Earth.

pele.jpg the Hawaian Goddess of Volcanoes and Fire.

It will be Pele's duty to receive the Cosmic Fire or the Codes within the Spiral Vortex and take them deep into the Earth, where they can once again activate the original Paradise codes placed there by the Elohim creator angels when they set the intentions for Planet Earth.

As a Fire Goddess...she will be able to draw the energy down deep into the molten core of the planet. Through this action, she will allow the new holographic codes to be transmitted and received by other sites and places on the planet.

The beautiful images of the goddesses used above are from Doreen Virtue's wonderful pack of cards "The Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards". (Thanks, Doreen)

Starchild and Spirit Heart Sanctuary in Hawaii

As you know, Starchild is located physically in Cape Town, South Africa. We have joined our energy with Spirit Heart Sanctuary in Hawaii who are the hosts for this energy in Hawaii. Our partnership is to ensure that the new codes are immediately transmitted from North to South at the time of the PhiGate on the 5th of March.

We invite you to visit their website at

You can also read more about their information on the PhiGate at

We will keep you informed during the month of the ceremonies that we are planning to welcome this new energy.

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