The Energies for May 2005

The 5:5 Stargates and the Activation of the Goddess Grid/Phi Matrix

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

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Dearest Ones, we bring you wonderful news this day about exciting energies that will activate your planet in May and will continue to raise consciousness until the pivotal point of the Solstice on 21/22nd June.

As we indicated in our report last month, there has been much change on your planet in April. The energies released and grounded in March (5:3) at the Phi Gate Activation, allowed for a massive shift in the Status Quo and for many more people to begin their awakening and ascension. By June of this year, Critical Mass will have been achieved, and the balance will swing in favor of the New Earth. What this means, dearest Lightworkers, is that your goals will be achieved. There will be no further need for disasters and cataclysms and death on the planet. The establishment of the Goddess or Paradise Grid, or the Phi Matrix, will create the perfect balance needed as a platform or foundation for the New Earth to manifest into the physical plane.

The Two 5:5 Gates

There will be two 5:5 gates in May. The first will open on the 5th of May and will be felt most keenly between the 5th and the 11th of May. The New Moon will fall in this period, on the 8th of May. The New Moon in Taurus will integrate the energy of Venus, the goddess of love, who rules the astrological house of Taurus. This Moon will also integrate and carry forward the powerful goddess energy of the Wesak Full Moon in April, the energy of the Taras and Quan Yin....Joy, Compassion and Service. For indeed, as you traverse this difficult time, dearest Lightworkers, you are indeed in service, and your Joy and Compassion manifests in your Hope and your focus on the reality of the New Earth.

The Second Gate will activate on the 23rd May, which is also a 5:5 harmonic gate. This coincides with the Full Moon in Sagittarius, since the sun moves out of Taurus and into Gemini on the 22nd May. Once again the Galactic Center and Pluto in Sagittarius will add their energies to the Sagittarius Full Moon, to transmit a powerful wave of transformative energy to the Planet. This energy will infuse the planet and carry it through to that the pivotal point of the June Solstice, which will be the point of "no return" for the Planet. From then on, what was formerly an idea or a concept will begin to take shape or manifest as a reality - the New Earth.

The Harmonic of the 5:5

Dearest Ones, we would like to explain to you briefly the significance of thr 5:5 Harmonic in terms of Sacred Geometry and the Goddess energy.

The energy of the 5 is intimately associated with the Golden Ratio or Phi. It is also the matrix for organic life on the planet, and is found in the proportions of the human body and in the structure of the human DNA, which is patterned on the 5:5 design. It is, poetically speaking, the energy of nature, of the Feminine in Nature, of the Goddess. It is the moon and the stars, it is flowers and leaves, and it is the termplate for your own wonderful DNA library of information.

When the Phi grid or Paradise Matrix is strong on the planet, then nature thrives, humans are healthy and happy, and the Goddess or Divine Feminine energy is strong. When the Phi grid disintegrates, as it has on your planet in recent ages, nature retreats, the Goddess is lost, and general malaise and imbalance results.

So, dearest ones, the anchoring of the Paradise Matrix through the Phi Stargate in March was truly a wonderful gift to the planet, made possible by the dedicated service of so many lightworkers who went through their own transitions and were able to hold and ground the energy that poured through the 5:3 gate in March.

Healing Nature and the Return of the Elemental Energy

As the Paradise Matrix or Goddess Grid is grounded and activated around the planet, the Earth will return to its original design as a garden planet. Nature will once again thrive as the Phi Matrix is energized and begins focussing energy into manifestation.

Be prepared for the return of the great forests and woodlands to the planet. Slowly, they will come. And with them will come the Elementals and Devas and Nature Spirits or fairies, who make their homes in the pristine and verdant world of nature.

So, dearest Lightworkers, as you embrace the harmonic of the 5:5 in May, especially in the Northern hemisphere where you can feel the energy of spring, be aware that powerful energies of change are being integrated into the Crystal Grids of the planet, It may not be an easy time, in fact it may be turbulent and difficult as the old energies encounter the new. But know that the more you focus on the new, the more powerful these energies will become in your own lives and the more rapidly you will manifest the New Earth into your own reality on the Physical Plane.

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