The Energies for January 2005

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

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Welcome to 2005, dearest human angels. You begin your year in a time of great turbulence and upheaval. It is a sad time, as you contemplate the devastation of a portion of your planet, after the Tsunami in December. The cost in human lives has been great as many, many souls left the planet very suddenly. But, dearest ones, did we not say to you in our 11:11 Stargate message, that together as a planetary people you had chosen the path of rapid transformation, and that this path would be turbulent and difficult for a while? In this first message for 2005 we would speak to you firstly of what these developments mean for you, and then share with you some of the exciting and miraculous events that you will see in 2005. Finally, we will share with you the significance of the Planetary Alignments that you will experience in January 2005.

The Tsunami Disaster and the Global Web of Compassion and Love

The Tsunami that your planet experienced in December was part of the changes and transformations required by your planet as she moves towards her own final stages of ascension into balance and readjustment. Those souls who left the planet at that time were ready to leave and to move to new levels of experience. Those who remained behind are those who are in need of your compassion and love.

For the second purpose of this rapid global change is to allow you, as fifth dimensional humans, to begin to perceive and to understand more fully the power of your global interconnectedness. You have the technology and the means to respond very quickly, and to assist those in need. Whether this be through donating money to those organizations who are assisting in the relief work, or in other ways open to you. We urge you to connect with these organizations and offer your love and compassion as you see fit.

For out of this event will come many miracles. For miracles are created on the energy of compassion and love. Compassion requires that you feel the Oneness of all humans and understand that if there are people on the planet in pain, then that is your pain as well. Love motivates you to do what you can to alleviate that pain and assist in reconstructing and returning life to normal in these areas. In this mobilization of compassion and love, the flow of divine angelic energies will create many miracles.

And the greatest miracle will be the understanding that you will arrive at as a planetary people. You will finally see and understand your power to make a difference and to heal and change. You will no longer see yourselves as powerless to help because you are not "there". You will understand fully that time and space are Third Dimensional illusions, and that you are always "there", and that you can always help.

The Global Web of Compassion and Love was set up by you as Lightworkers and fully activated in the Global Meditations of September 18 - 25, around the Fall/Spring Equinox. Now this Global Network will be used by many more to channel love, compassion and assistance to places on the planet where it is needed most. We ask you to celebrate the miracle that you have created. You are truly now One Planet and One People.

Your Contract for 2005 and the Process of "Conscious Contracting"

Many of you will find that in 2005 your spiritual work, or your "mission", will change considerably. Many of you who are First Wave Lightworkers will find that you have been "promoted" to even more responsibility, as your light work "upgrades" from "local" to "global". For indeed, you are now a global family and your work will be increasingly to create and activate global networks within the web of love and compassion that we described above.

What you will also enjoy, is that when you reach full Fifth-dimensional consciousness, you will be involved in the process of "conscious contracting" with your higher self. Instead of having a "mission" that is given to you by your higher self and that you have to work to understand fully, you and your higher self will discuss the potential contract and the mission for you on the Planet. Your higher self will seek your consent and approval in all details before the contract is signed and set in motion. This will enable you to understand your new responsibilities while still enjoying the miracles and synchronicities that will unfold before you as you begin walking your new paths.

Relationships: Soul Mates and Twin Flames in 2005

One of the most exciting developments of the year will be experienced in the area of relationships. The grounding of the Divine Feminine energies in 2004 and the ongoing shifts that we will describe below, have allowed for a deep transformation in the way in which relationship energy is expressed on your Fifth-dimensional planet.

The opportunity now arises for all relationships to become Soul Mate relationships or Soul Bond relationships. In the Fifth Dimension, you will be attracted to partners whose soul frequencies, or light patterns, match yours. This will be the primary requirement for the relationship.

The bond created by the compatible souls as they come together will provide an experience of deep and ecstatic love, experienced at the level of the heart and soul.

However, what will be even more thrilling for you in this path of relationship transformation, is that once a Soulmate bond is established, it can be "upgraded" to "Twin Flame" very rapidly and easily. This process occurs when the two souls agree to begin a merging process, and are woven together at the energy grid or matrix level. In this miraculous process, the Two become One, and yet remain distinct individuals. This bond will give rise to miraculous experiences of telepathy and psychic "sharing" between the partners.

Through these relationships, you will once again make sexuality and sex sacred and holy. Your sexual unions will become merges of the soul, which will open a pathway to the energies of the Source. This Sacred Energy will pour into your lives, bringing such joy and unconditional love as you have not experienced since the time of Lemuria, when your consciousness was also sufficiently high to be capable of such bonding.

It is an adventure that awaits all who have chosen this path on the Fifth-dimensional Earth.

The Planetary Alignments for January 2005 and their Metaphysical Significance

The cosmic energies for this month will be bringing in more information about relationships and sexuality. The focus in the first part of the month will be on Venus, as the planet of Love transits Pluto and the Galactic Center in Sagittarius.

On the 4th January, Venus transits Pluto at 22 degrees of Sagittarius, 4 degrees from the Galactic Center. This creates a vortex of energies that will transmit new energies and information about the Sacred Unions of Soul Mates and Twin Flames to the Earth. The transformational energies of Pluto will be the engine that helps to shift relationships from the old energies to the New Earth and its Fifth-dimensional Energies. Many of you will experience extreme tension and frustration in relationships that are not Soul Mate unions. And many of you will encounter Soul Mates under this energy. And for some, these two events may happen simaltaneously, as you experience an interface between the Old and the New that may be difficult to handle.

This energy will continue through the 6th and 7th of January as Venus transits the Galactic Center itself at 26 degrees of Sagittarius. On the 10th of January the New Moon in Capricorn will give you the opportunity to ground these energies on the Planet and make them available for transmission through the Crystal Grids at the Full Moon on the 25th of January.

The sun transits into Aquarius on the 20th January. The January Full Moon will be under the energies of Aquarius and Leo. The Lunar energies combined with the Air energy of Aquarius will help to create new values for the New Earth. These will be felt as the Web of Compassion and Love becomes fully operational on the Planet, and also in the new relationship energies that are emerging. The Fire energy of Leo will focus on sexuality, passion and creativity, and will combine with the Venus/Sagittarius energies to create a powerful new archetypal energy for relationships on the Fifth-dimensional Earth.

On the 15th January, Chiron will align with your Sun at 25 degrees of Capricorn. This powerful energy will transmit to your earth as a potential increase in Solar activity and increased energy surges. With this surge of light and energy will come new informational seeds relating to the Healing of the Planet and her people in the fields of Ecology, Healing and Medicine. You can expect that as the year unfolds, there will be many advances and new revelations in these fields that will all contribute towards the creation of the New Earth as a Paradise of Love.

These January transits will prepare the Planet for further unfolding of the New Earth energies in 2005. We wish you Love and Joy on your unfolding path into the future that you are creating.

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