After the Global Peace Meditations : NEW EARTH ESTABLISHED.

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

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The New Earth exists now as a reality. Thanks to all of you who gave of your energy in this week of the 18-25th September in all the Global Meditations and Ceremonies that were organized. Together you have fully activated and energized the new Crystal Grid System!

You, as lightworkers, have together as a group, set the intention for the New Earth into the Crystal Grids - Love, Peace and Harmony. It is done!.

We want you to think of your current reality in this way. The Old Earth Thought Form of the Third Dimension still exists, although it is now anchored in the Fifth Dimension. The New Earth Thought Form exists side by side with the old. All who are ready have transitioned into the New Earth Thought Form this week of September 18th -25th.

In the time ahead, people will continue to transition from one thought form and energetic reality to another while seemingly being "in the same place". But the perceptual reality and frequency of the two Earths will be quite different. New Earth is a place of love and peace. Old Earth will continue to disintegrate and crumble causing stress and anxiety for those who choose to remain in that reality at this time.

As lightworkers your tasks will be to "create" the forms and structures of the New Earth and ground them into the now fully operational Crystal Grid System. At the same time, initially, you will also be assisting people to make the transition from the Old Earth reality into the New Earth reality.

For many who must make this transition, it will be presented as a choice between the "head" or the "heart". Old Earth energy is still dominated by logic and thought and mental "solutions", and tends to be conflictual in nature. New Earth reality follows the heart and soul and makes choices based on harmony, gentleness and love.

People will need to understand that while you will still use your mental and rational facilities to deal with material reality, in the New Earth the soul and the heart must speak first. The Spiritual and Divine nature of life must be acknowledged, the oneness and sanctity of all life forms must be respected, and love must be the only motive for choices and decisions. Conflictual reality must become a thing of the past, and solutions that are mutually acceptable will be found for all problems that arise in the One Family.

WELCOME TO NEW EARTH. You are ready to begin building your New Reality. Have Fun! It's up to you to be as creative as you can! We know you are up to the challenge!

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