The God of Small Things or How to Live in Paradise

by Celia Fenn

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Friday 13th May 11.00am

penguins5.jpg This is a rather unsettled time of year here in Cape Town. We are experiencing the first winter storms, and so the dolphins have not been around so much, preferring the deeper ocean to the turbulent coastal waters. Also, we are still waiting, with great anticipation, for the arrival of the Southern Right Whales in our waters for their calving and mating season.

So, under the guidance of our Dolphin teachers, Terry and I decide on a different kind of experience for our creative adventure this week. We visit the Penguin colony at the Table Mountain National Park. This is an exciting time - because it is breeding season in the Penguin colony and we are able to get really close and enjoy not only the presence of the adult penguins, but also the newly arrived chicks!

This is made possible because the National Park has created walkways through a coastal forest where people can view the penguins, but not disturb them or their families behind the fencing that keeps them in their colony and out of the suburbs!

The suburbs?

Well - yes. The Table Mountain National Park Penguin Reserve is situated between the Cape Town suburbs of Seaforth and Boulders Beach. The Table Mountain National Park is unique in itself, since as far as I know it is the only national park situated entirely within a city!

Definitely a model for the future! How humans in their complex urban socialization can co-exist with animals and nature.

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The penguin colony, the biggest land based colony in Africa, has been there since the 19th century, when apparently the penguins were kept of "farmed" for their eggs. Later, the colony was freed, but they kept coming back. As the suburbs grew, there was tension as penguins invaded gardens looking for nesting space. Some were unfortunately killed as they tried to cross the main highway in search of nesting sites.

The answer was to enclose the beach area and to declare it a national park, with supervised tourist access. This paid for the fencing that keeps the penguins safe and the suburban homeowners happy. Now, penguins and humans share a space in which both can thrive and enjoy each other.

Actually, the penguins have access to one of the most pristine and beautiful stretches of beach, which is being kept this way for all to enjoy, including the homeowners whose homes border on the penguin colony. And so, we co-exist and enjoy each other. I like so think that the noisy, raucous birds were as curious about us as we were about them!

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They certainly were not afraid of us, and allowed us to get up close and personal. With respect! (Those beaks are sharp!)

And so, under the guidance of our gentle Dolphin Teachers, we were able to experience a sense of sharing in an aspect of the adventures of the penguin colony as new little chicks were welcomed into the colony and into Earth incarnation.

This made us once more aware of the adventure of life on Planet Earth! That material incarnation is a blessings and an adventure that we share with all the species that inhabit our planet. And the key is SHARING. There is room for all of us to enjoy the adventure of physical incarnation if we manage our space and our resources with love and generosity. We as humans may be the dominant species, but we need to learn to share with the other species who honor us with their presence in our lives. We would indeed be lonely without these brothers and sisters of the animal world.

So - while we are waiting for the grand presence of those Cetacean giants, the Southern Right Whales, the Dolphin Teachers gently nudge us to become more aware of the smaller things that also manifest the beauty and love of the Creator.

And Terry and I really experience this today as we spend the morning on the beach near the Penguin Colony. It is low tide, and many rock pools and shelly beachlets are revealed to us!

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We spend the morning like children, investigating the rock pools and enjoying the gem-like colors of the sea anemones.

Watching the seabirds at they drop molluscs and sea urchins on the rocks to shatter the shells so they can feed.

Examining the shimmer of rocks and boulders.

Climbing over rocks and boulders.

And walking between sea and sky in this beautiful Paradise Earth.

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Yes, the Dolphin Teachers say, in the 6th dimension you see only beauty and magic, even in the smallest of things!

Pain and fear and anger are the dominant illusions of the 3rd dimension. As you ascend into the Higher Dimensions of consciousness where the Dolphin teachers work, you will begin to see and experience the beauty and the wonder of material life.

You will meet the God of small every aspect of your life. And you will experience the wonder and joy of the magical child investigating a rock pool once again.

Yes, say the Dolphin Teachers, life is an adventure. When you enter into 6th dimensional consciousness, you enter into the adventure of conscious co-creation. What will you create with your brothers and sisters on the planet?

Let it be a Paradise of Joy and Love.

That is your birthright.

So say the Dolphin Teachers!

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