The Dolphin Diaries 4

Singing with the Whales

by Celia Fenn

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Monday 27th June
Sievers Point, Hermanus (Walker Bay)
Western Cape, South Africa.



Well, at last they are here!

The Southern Right Whales!

And what excitement. What an amazing adventure Terry and I have today with our "first" Southern Right Whales of the season!

It is just a few days after the Winter Solstice and the Full Moon. It is a crisp and cold day as we set off to Walker Bay to look for any whales that might want to work with us. Both Terry and I have done meditations the night before to ask if there were any of the great beings that would like to work with us on this day, so we are expectant and excited as we set off.

When we arrive at Hermanus, the main town in Walker Bay which is the prime area for whale sightings, the Whale Crier tells us that there are whales in the Bay, and that Sievers Point will probably be the best vantage point. When we arrive at Sievers Point, well there they are! About four of them, but well offshore. The ocean has a big swell today and the waves are rough, so they are not close in.

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Nevertheless, we have come with a mission! Terry builds a small medicine wheel from crystals, and we begin a meditation to connect with the whales. The effect is immediate and intense. We both feel completely "spaced". The feeling is similar to what we had experienced with dolphins, but only far more intense and more "oceanic". It is a huge expansion of consciousness that comes from connecting with these wonderful keepers of the ancient secrets of the Planet.

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At this point we decide to call to them using sound. I have developed a technique I use for my healing/balancing work called Aura Sonics, and I have taught this to Terry. And so we use it to call the whales. It is a technique similar to that used by the young girl in the movie "Whale Rider", based on toning and sound patterns.

Well, it works!

One of the whales is drawn to us and swims to within 50 yards of where we are. It then proceeds to "play" with us, rolling over and over, showing us fins and flukes. It keeps us entranced for about 40 minutes.

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I'm afraid I was not a very good photographer at this point. I kept jumping up and down and shrieking with excitement, and forgetting to take images. But I did manage some for you. Actually, it was very difficult, because I was as high as a kite. I could barely focus and concentrate because my consciousness had been so expanded and altered both by the contact with the whale, and by the singing/toning that we had been doing to draw the whale to us.

We had quite an amusing experience towards the end. A young man came up behind us, despite the fact that we had chosen a very private spot. He was amazed at how close in the whale had come, and that we appeared to communicating with it. He had not seen us at first, and had heard our toning, and had imagined that the whale was singing to him!

"Did you call it?" he asked in amazement.

"Yes of course", we replied. Very nonchalantly, like we do this every day!

What a rush!

The Keepers of the Oceanic Grids and the Planetary Akasha

The whales of the planet are very special beings. They are ancient and wise. They are "starseeds" from the star system of Sirius, and have been here far longer than humans

Their major task has always been to "hold" and maintain the oceanic grids that compose the matrix of the planet. Since Earth is largely a water planet, about 70 percent, I think, you can see how important whales are for the integrity of our planet.

They do this by "singing" or "toning" into the grids. The wonderful whale songs are the harmonics and tones that they use to "tune" the harmonic grids of the planet. Thus if whales ever became extinct, it would be a deep loss for the planet. They are in many ways, our keepers and our guardians.

They are also the keepers of the planetary akasha or records, again through their access to sound and sound records or information. They have access to the complete history of the planet and every species that has ever lived on her.

Very special and wise beings indeed.

Communicating with Humans

Whales have begun to communicate more frequently with humans, especially since we have move closer in range to them. We are now a fifth-dimensional species. Whales range between the sixth and the ninth, with the ability to raise to the thirteenth when they are singing or toning.

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I have had several people tell me that they have connected with whales in dreams. This is one letter I received from a reader, Miriam Hinkelman in the USA. Here she describes her dream:

I was swimming really fast at night in deep, black water. Suddenly there were Whales coming about me. A baby was right next to me. I realized I was amongst a pod, and became frightened , for fear they would see me as an intruder and attack me. But I knew what to do because I had read an article just the other day. I stayed very still, upright in the water. The huge mother whale charged at me, but stopped just in front of me, and SNIFFED me! Then she nodded and all of them LICKED me! We played for a while. Their fur was like a Plush toy. Then they took off. They said : if you had asked, we would have helped you out. You're fast, but we take half the time. And off they went. I met them once I arrived. It was funny...

What's even crazier is that earlier in the day, I actually did read a photo essay about Right Whales in a Rolling Stone Mag (the Johnny Depp one-- 2 months ago I think) while waiting at my daughter's flute lesson. Really great photos and story.(no advice on how to behave in a pod of whales...). I don't think it was simply a carry over dream, though I felt very moved by the article. I have been contacted!!

Namaste~~~Miriam Ashanti Hinkelman

The Whale Crier

wilson.jpg For those of you who don't know what a whale crier is, well as far as I know there is only one in the world, here in Hermanus.

His name is Wilson, and it is his job to patrol the waterfront of Hermanus on the look out for whale sightings.

When he sees whales he blows on his special horn made from kelp, to alert the people of the town that there are whales visible in the bay.

This being the 21st century, Wilson also has a cell phone where you can call him to find out if there are whales in the bay that day!.

So to all you dolphin and whale people out there...much love...the adventure continues...

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