The Paradise Grid and the New Earth: Cetaceans, Celestials and Elementals

by Celia Fenn...with guidance from the Elohim, Archangel Michael, the Dolphin/Cetacean Consciousness and Quan Yin.

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Between the 12:12 Stargate of Deccember 2004 and the March 5th Stargate of 2005, also known as the Phi Gate, the Earth has undergone a major shift in the very fabric and essence of her being as a Planet. This shift has affected every living being on the Planet. We, as humans, have felt the acceleration in the vibratory frequency of the Planet and a corresponding acceleration in our own lives. We are learning very quickly what it means to live in the Fifth and Sixth dimensions. For although the Earth is now anchored in the Fifth Dimension, we have access to the Sixth Dimension as a place where we can play and create.

In Deccember of 2004 we reported the influx of what we called the "Lemurian Paradise Frequency" being transmitted from the Galactic Center. THis is a powerful Blue-Green or Aquamarine Light Frequency that began to trigger or activate the Lemurian Paradise Blueprint, or the Original Template for Divine Perfection that lies in the DNA or Akashic Records of the Planet and of all Beings on the Planet. It was placed there by the Elohim Creator Angels as part of the Original Intention for Human and other life on Planet Earth.

The Origianl Blueprint was lost when humans began moving into lower frequencies at the time of Atlantis. The "fall" into lower and denser frequencies meant that humans were able to explore the denser levels, but they lost touch with the benefits and beauty of their original design for perfection. This included the right to perfect health, happiness and abundance. All these are coded into the Original Blueprint, as well as a knowledge of the tools for Creation and Manifestation from the Spirit realm of all Potential to the Physical realm of matter.

The journey through the denser frequencies is over. The Planet and her Peoples have chosen to climb the frequencies or ascend back to the Higher and Finer Frequencies or Dimensons. This process is nearing completion, as the Earth has stabilized into the Fifth Dimension. As the Earth transforms into a Fifth Dimensioanl Planet, it also becomes the matrix or support for Multi-Dimensional life and functioning. New Earth humans have physical form and can function in the material realm. But they also have Light Bodies, and are equally at home in the realms of Light and Energy. In the time ahead, you, as Fifth Dimensional Humans, will become increasingly aware of the citizens of the Sixth and Higher dimensions. The Cetaceans, Celestials and Elementals will become your friends and fellow inhabitants of the Higher Dimensional Earth.

Experiencing the Energies

On March 5th, which was the culmination of the Energetic process, the Elohim angels overseeing the establishment of the New Earth on the Level of Light and Sound, locked the New Paradise Frequecies into the Earth's New Crystaline Grid. This ritual took place on Hawaii, and was presided over by Pele, the Fire Goddess of Hawaii, together with Isis and Maat and Quan Yin, to ensure that balance and unconditional love were encoded into the matrix for the New Earth.

But the ceremony was repeated many times around the Planet, and the Paradise Frequecy was locked into the Earth's grid wherever people gathered to receive the energy into the Earth and into their own bodies. For yes, just as the Earth was receiving her new matrix or Sacred Geomteric patterns for the New Earth, so Humans were also receiving New Geometries for their own Earth Body Templates. The significance of this is enormous, as we will discuss further in this article when we speak of the Paradise Blueprint for the New Earth Human Body.

Many people reported strong sensations in their bodies, especially those who shared in the March 5th ceremonies. I personally experienced very strong physical symptoms related to clearing and cleansing, for about a week before the March 5th ceremony, and then for about two days afterwards. This was accompanied by a feeling of immense joy and bliss, and great excitement.

I received this letter from Andrew Trivino, who is the Executive Producer of Spiritual Image Productions in Flagstaff, Arizona. Andrew describes his experience of the energies:

" The energies were different from what I'm used to experiencing in this format. At first, I started to go into this trance-like state with a big grin on my face. The only other times I've experienced this type of state at this intensity or stronger were when I was blissed out in the presence of Ammachi, Sai Baba, Hunaman, and Maitreya Buddha to say the least.

......... Nevertheless, eventually I had to close my eyes because the energies were so translucent and mesmerizing. Therefore, I sat for the next few moments just allowing this experience take place and overcome me.

In the past when I've brought in energies in this fashion or they've affected me in this way they were different. At times the energies were of pure Love whereby the energy was intoxicating, compassionate and more of a deep seeded sort. Other times the energies were emotional and of immense gratitude and grace, to the point of making my tearducts weep for Joy and Love........... About two and a half years ago when I did the tour with Ammachi ( and her entourage, in New York I experienced another type of this divine energy flavor. This energy was more of a raw source of power though with an incredible electro-magnetic intensity. It was like being in a river of energy that was golden and shimmering, ready to sweep me up at any given moment of eternity. The only other time I experienced this, though in less doses, was when I made love to my girl friend in California whom is a devotee of a Babaji and Ram Dass of India. ............ This time, in the library, again it was different. The energies were more gaseous than intense. Though they were intense enough to engulf me. They also seemed to completely take over my veins and DNA molecules. It was exactly like seeing the paintings by Alex Grey, artist (, come to Life in my body. It was like experiencing him drawing one of his paintings within me. Though with this gaseous translucent energy emanating from my hands, fingers and body. "

Andrew describes quite accurately the way in whcih this powerful energy penetrates deep into the body and the DNA, to the point where he becomes aware of the process of rewiring or being given a new matrix. What I also feel he was picking up was the energy of Quan Yin who was a part of this process. Indeed, in the channel I received in the week before the March 5th activations, she emphasized the role of Unconditional Love in the process of Transformation that accompanies the Paradise Grid. Each individual who accepts the new energies must be willing to release all the old dense patterns of fear and low self-worth that are part of lower density living, and rise up in the frequencies to a place of Unconditional Love where you are able to recognize your own Divinity and Beauty. It is this recognition, more than anything else, that is an activator for the Paradise Template in your own Body.

The Paradise Blueprint for the Human Body: Activating the Perfection Template.

LIke the Planet Earth herself, each Human Being contains within their Physical Body a blueprint or template that records the perfect design placed there as the Original Intention by the Elohim Creator Angels.

The Original Intention for human life was to inhabit a physical body that was perfect in every way and made in "the Image" of the God Source or Creator. That is perfect. A vehicle for the Consciouness of Divine Unconditional Love and the urge to explore and grow.

Sickness, disease and death, as we know them, were not part of the Original Intention and Plan.

So, how did these enter Human Reality?

When Humans fell into Dense Matter and the Third Dimension, there were those who sought to control and gain power over humans by manipulating their Genetic Inheritance. This was done in the simplist and most effective way, by introducing into the genetic records of the Spiritual and Emotional bodies, the ideas of Imperfection, sin, karma, suffering and death. These were suggested to be inevitable. And since you manifest what you believe, third-dimensional humans began to manifest all the physical symptoms of their belief in their imperfection and "badness".

Death became a punishment and a suffering, instead of the peaceful transition between physical and spiritual forms that it was originally intended to be. Disease became a manifestation of belief about the inadequacy of the material body to carry the spiritual essence. And so, through this manipulation, humans encoded ideas about disease and death into their genetic records, where they have stayed and continued to produce these same effects. this time, humans are rising up the dimensions and are reconnecting with their own perfection template and their own Beauty and Divinity. And in this process called Ascension, they are shedding and releasing all their past life fears and guilts about their sinfulness and imperfection. The conditioning is being released from the DNA and the genetic records, and humans are rediscovering their Original Intention of Love and Perfect Health.

This is the gift of Ascension. And since the 5th of March it has become possible for all humans on the Fifth-Dimensional Earth to activate their own personal Perfection Template or Paradise Grid.

As this Grid activates, you will find that your health will improve and the aging process will slow down. This will go with a desire to live in a more healthy way, to eat well, get exercise and plenty of sleep. The perfection template will be telling you what your body needs to function in perfect health as was the original intent.

The message I received in the week of the 5th, from Archangel Michael, was that humans could now become Immortal. He did not mean in the same body, but as he explained it to me, it meant that consciousness would now become continuous, and a being could pass from one lifetime to another and from one vehicle to another without having to encounter the veils of forgetfulness that have been in place for so long. In this way, we will once again experience a sense of life as infinite and eternal even though we may need to pass through the transition formerly known as "death"

Fellow Citizens of the Sixth Dimension

When humans open up into full Sixth Dimensional Consciousness and begin experiencing the perfection and joy of who they are, they will encounter their fellow citizens of the Higher Dimensions on Planet Earth. They will become aware of the finer and subtler levels of consciousness that have always been there, but have been hidden from Third Dimensional understanding.

The Cetaceans of the Planet and the Sirius Connection

The Cetacean family of Planet Earth, which includes the Dolphins and the Whales, is much older than the Human Family. They are more evolved and have lived in the Higher Dimensions while humans fell into the Third. It is their pleasure and their mission to assist humans to climb the dimensions back to the Sixth.

That is why there has been a surge of interest in Dolphins and Whales in recent years. While I was writing this article, a friend in the USA sent me a news report about a group of Ragged Tooth Dolphins that had entered Haifa harbor in Israel and caused a commotion. Many humans in the busy port saw them and came to watch them frolic in the waters. There was much consternation from scientists as there was a fear that they would be affected by the toxic and polluted waters of the harbor. And anxiety that they were trying to beach themselves. But no, the dolphins played for a while and then headed back out to sea. They had just come inshore to work with some humans in a place where it was sorely needed on the Planet. And there are increasing reports of this kind of dolphin behavior, even from where I live in South Africa.

The Dolphins and the Whales originate from Sirius. They are Starseeds who have come to the Planet to work with us as teachers and healers.

Dolphins, especially, are masters of Sonic healing, and there are many accounts of humans being healed by encounters with dolphins. Dolphins also radiate Joy, and those who connect with them often pick up their Joy and Happiness. But Dolphins have a way of pulling humans into Higher Dimensional Spaces of Peace and Heightened Awareness. I have heard many stories of people who have had significant and synchronous events happen to them after contact with Dolphins or even just the Dolphin Consciousness.

Dolphins are teachers of Higher Consciousness and Awareness. From them humans can learn how to be in Sixth Dimensional or Holographic Time and Space.

Whales, on the other hand, are keepers of the Planetary Akasha or DNA records and they work to maintain the Oceanic Crystal grids, with help from the Dolphins. Their Whale Songs have the function of transmitting Stellar information and Codes into the Ocean Grids. Since March 5th, they have begun working to link the Oceanic Grids with the Land Grids, to accelerate the evolution of consciousness among Humans.

The Elemental Family; Devas, Nature Spirits and Fairies

When Humans still lived in their original Higher Dimensional Perfection in Lemuria, the Elemental family who care for the Plants and Minerals and Animals of the Planet were their constant companions and friends. But when humans fell into the Third Dimension, they could no longer see their fellow beings in their Lighter and Finer bodies.

After a while, they began to fear these beings, and to try to cast them out through superstitious rituals.

Humans began to live in ways that disregarded the sensitivities of those who were the appointed guardians of the natural world. And so they began to retreat from the world of humans. They moved into deep forests, and caves and mountains, gradually being pushed further away until they were forced to move into the Earth itself.

And so there are very few fairies or nature spirits remaining on the Planet, and those that do remain find their work difficult and unrewarding.

But the Elementals and Nature Spirits are always willing to work with those who respect them and call on them. The best example of this is the work of Eileen Caddy at Findhorn. What was accomplished by this small group of people with the help of the devas and elementals was astonishing. And this will be a model for what will be accomplished on the planet as small communtites of people who reach the Sixth Dimensional level of Consiousness begin to invite the nature spirits and the fairies to come back and work with humans to recreate Paradise on the Planet.

It will be a gradual process, but it will begin in this year in many places around the Planet. Humans whose task and calling it is will feel themselves drawn to certain places on the Planet where they will work with the Elementals to activate and create the material or physical Paradise. And I am told that this will commence on Hawaii, and several other sites on the planet within this year.

What would a fairy or a nature Spirit look like? Well here are some beautiful images. The first one I took in my own garden a few months ago, the others were taken by Ariel Ky in the hills above Berkeley in California on the 8th of March:

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And finally....Sixth Dimensional Humans will encounter the citizens of the Dimensions higher than the Sixth.

These include those beings that we call Angels...

But also, those beings who do not belong to our Planet. They are Higher Intelligences from other Star Systems and Galaxies who communicate and work with humans.

These beings were formerly known as Extra-terrestrials, but in deference to their Higher Dimensional consciousness, we now call them Celestials.

These are the beings and teachers that you meet on other planes, in visions, in dreams and through channels.

They have, and will continue to, work with humans through and beyond the Ascension process.

But now, because we as a species are moving beyond fear and into Unconditional Love, we will only be attracting those Celestial Teachers and Beings that will work with us in Love and for the Evolution of the Planet into a place of Harmony and was the Original Intention of the Elohim Creator Angels according to the mandate from the Souce! only remains to say...welcome to the Sixth Dimension.

This is truly Home!

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