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Message One:" The 7:7:7: Energies : Integrating the 12 Chakra Multi-Dimensional Self in order to Create the Beauty of New Earth." Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn.

Dearest Lightworkers, as you begin to feel the blessed energies of the Lion's Gate, you are being prepared by the energetic activations of the 7:7:7 vortex. Many of you are feeling strong energies activating in the Crown Chakra, accompanied by feelings of spaciness and exhaustion. For yes, once again your vibrational frequency is being raised to accept the higher energies that pour through the Sirius Gate.

Many of you may also feel sadness, irritation, anger and even grief. Allow these emotions and feelings to pass through you and let them go. You are releasing all the energies of the past cycle in order to move into the first true "New Earth" cycle that commences with this year's Lion's Gate.

Yes, you will see changes in your own lives and globally. But hold your center in peace and know that what is being released must be let go of in order to allow the new energies to ground into the new planetary grids.

Do not judge yourselves and others at this time. Just understand that you are all being asked to fully activate your Twelve Chakra Multi-dimensional Energetic System in order to step into the New Reality. It is like firing all your engines prior to blast off! Wherever there are residues of old energy, these will be "blasted" free. But be kind and accepting of others at this time. You are all in this process together, and you are all needing to confront your final illusions and fear realities. For both individually and globally you will need to face your own creations and the agendas that have motivated these illusions.

This may be difficult for you, and painful, but it will be the last step you take through the barriers of illusion and into the truth of who you are on this planet. You will fully emerge as human angels, shining beings of light in material form ready to create a planet of beauty, peace and love. And you will do it together as one planetary family!

Integrating the Twelve Chakra System in Preparation for the Gate Energies

pyramid7.jpg Dearest Ones, at this time of the 7:7:7, we urge you to light a candle and find a quiet moment to go within and connect with your own Twelve Chakra System.

Begin by seeing yourself standing on the earth, your feet firmly planted on the ground. Let the Earth support you and nourish you. Connect with the Earth Star point, which is the place a few feet below your feet where you are connected into the Earth grids energetically. Then move your awareness into your Base Chakra and feel your connection with all other physical beings on the planet, your family and relations, be they the human,plant animal or mineral kingdoms. Then move into the Sacral Chakra, feeling your personal "fire", your emotions and your creativity. Celebrate your creativity and your energies, and then move into your Solar Plexus Chakra. Feel your connection with the mental or mind energies of the planet, and feel that this is good. It is a network of communication and ideas that links the Human Collective mind into your mind.

Then lift the energies into the Heart Chakra. Feel the waves of Unconditional Love as Spirit energy from above links with the Physical energy from Below. Feel the energies of Acceptance, Hope, Joy, Faith and Trust. Rest in these wonderful energies and feel yourself as a "Heart Link" between Heaven and Earth.

Now move to your Throat Chakra. Feel your connection with your Guidance and Higher Self as you speak your truth and walk in trust. At the Brow Chakra, allow the intuitive and psychic energies of the Third Eye to link you to your psychic and perceptual abilities. You are a Child of Light - a Magical Child! Activate your Higher mental facilities and feel your freedom and your joy.

Now move into your Seventh Chakra, just above your head. Feel the expansion of the energies here as you open to the Higher Vibrations of the Sirian Stellar energies. Remember that these energies flow from the source via the Galactic Center and through Sirius to you. They are the highest expression of Divine Will available to you on this Planet at this time. Feel yourself creating BALANCE within your lower seven chakra system as you integrate the energies. Only when you feel balanced and calm should you proceed to the next level. (If you cannot feel the balance, rather wait until another time, do not proceed if you feel out of balance as the next steps will only serve to unbalance you further if you are not grounded and balanced.)

Now lift into your Eighth Chakra, a few feet above your head. Feel your connection to the Archetypal Higher Mind of the Human Collective. This is the place of power and dreams and desires. Allow yourself to connect with only your highest dreams and aspirations for yourself and the Planet. Fill this chakra with radiant golden light and see yourself transmitting this light to the Collective Mind of the Human Species, helping to transform from Homo Sapiens (determined by the lower mind) to Homo Christos (defined by the Higher Mind).

Now move into the Ninth Chakra, and feel your energetic connection to the Planet. You are a Lightworker and a keeper of the Planetary Grids. Allow yourself to strengthen the Crystal Grids by transmitting your unconditional love and joy to the Planet. It is a beautiful and wonderful creation. Let that be your message, a confirmation of your wonder and joy at being a part of the ongoing creation called Planet Earth at this miraculous time!

As you move into the Tenth Chakra you will open to your Higher Solar Self and you will enter into the beloved presence of the Ascended Ones and the Angelic Realm of Light. Feel the love and support that comes to you from the Higher Dimensions. Open to the knowledge that you too have your place among these beings as you access the radiant light of your Tenth Chakra. Moving ever higher, open to the Eleventh Chakra. This illuminates your Galactic heritage. You are a Starseed, and your soul's essence is here in the stars. Feel the joy and the love that belongs to the children of the Galaxy as they go about their missions of creativity and self-realization on behalf of the Divine Source Energy.

And, finally, as you enter the Twelfth Chakra, feel yourself moving into the Blessed Energy of the Divine Source. You are entering into the place of Divine Oneness. You are One with All That Is. Rest at this point. Allow the energies to fill your Being. You are in the Heart of Light. You are the Light. You are Home. You are You. This is who You Are. (And while you rest here in radiant glowing light, allow your consciousness to touch briefly on the Divine Mystery of al existence at the Thirteenth Chakra.)

Now - as you return, let yourself move slowly back through the chakras, 12 to 11, to 10,9,8,7, and then move down the body back to the Earth and into the Earth Star, to ground yourself. Ensure that you are fully grounded and back in your body before you commence any other activity.

You should now be activated and in balance!

Seeing the Beauty to Create the Beauty

Dearest Ones, while you are in this state of Divine Grace and Balance, see the Earth and her people as a gift of Divine Grace. See the Earth with Love and Joy.

It is time to release the final illusion that Earth needs to be a place of suffering and pain. This is not true! But it is up to you to make the shift - for as you know where you focus your energy is what becomes your reality.

So, if you see a wounded planet on the brink of destruction, that is what you will create. If you see the transformations as punishment for sin and wrongdoing, then you will create suffering and fear.

But - if you see the gift of God's Grace in everything, that is what you will create. This is called "New Earth" and it is based in Gratitude, Love, Acceptance and Beauty. Yes, see the Beauty of your own Being and that of Others, and so It Shall Be!

Message Two: "The Energetic Activation of the 7:7:7 Vortex" : Archangel Michael through Kate Spreckley

wingedcrystal.jpg The Energetic activation of the 7:7:7 vortex allowed for the Divine Feminine and Masculine energies to merge and join in a Sacred Union. The union was created within the energy of the Lion's Gate which is ruled by the sign of Leo, representing creativity and passion. This union has already resulted in a huge amount of shifting on a physical level and the energy of this union will burn away any last residue of old energetic cycles. From the ashes will rise the fire of creativity and passion for life that is the New Earth.

In numerology the number seven represents the awareness of the spiritual or true beauty of humanity and finally allows us to see the magnificence of each individual. Geometric forms symbolizing the number seven are the triangle, three, and the square, four. The square sitting on top of the triangle signifies the union of spirit and matter, the union of the masculine and feminine, the union of Heaven and Earth.

We of the higher realms have repeatedly asked that you ground the new energies into the Crystal Grids of the Earth and therefore make it available for all. This is extremely important at this time and it is vital that you all manage to hold your center. In holding your center you hold the balance of Masculine and Feminine energy within yourselves and within the Earth.

We have explained that the grounding process needs to begin by the activation of your 12 Chakra Multi-dimensional Energetic System. This process begins by connecting with your Earth Star point and activating all 12 Chakra points in the Energetic System. This will connect your with the energies of the Earth and with the Divine. Once the activation has occurred on all levels you are a bridge of energy for the union of Heaven and Earth.

You have succeeded in clearing and opening your Heart Chakras and this has culminated in the manifestation of the union of Heaven and Earth. You, Earth Angels, are creating this union by allowing your bodies to be GROUNDED!

Once you are grounded and connected to the Earth energy you become the bridge, the union place of Heaven and Earth. You create a Divine connection with the higher realms and bridge the higher dimensions and aspects with the Earth. This allows for a change in the structure and the blueprint of the Earth to occur. The blueprint changes from one of fear, pain and suffering to one of love, abundance, peace and joy. The more grounded you become the stronger the energy and the union of Heaven and Earth expands more powerfully allowing for greater amounts of change.

In the past the majority of Lightworkers found strength and power in leaving their physical bodies and connecting with the Higher Realms. Now you will feel, see and sense that your power and strength is found together in the Higher Realms and the Earth. Your connection to the Earth energy needs to be strengthened because you are unable to be whole without the energy of the Earth and the energy from Source.

Many Lightworkers have been too sensitive and have been unable to cope with the Earth energy as it has previously been one of pain, suffering and fear. Therefore you spent much time playing, creating and working in the Higher Realms. The New Children have been showing you the new way of power and strength, being Grounded and therefore fully present in the moment creating and playing on Earth.

The fear of fully occupying your physical body and being connected with the Earth energy needs to be released in order for you to fully activate your 12 Chakra Multi-dimensional Energetic System and to utilize the energy and power available to you at this time.

Your own connections to the Higher Realms and the merging of your Higher Self become more pronounced the stronger your energy bridge. You will create more bridges of energy from yourself to other humans, to the higher realms, to the fairies, the elementals, the devas, dolphins and whales.

In creating your reality from a place of love rather than fear you will see the magnificence of each individual without judgment, without criticism and only in love. This is the process of true interaction as one energy being to another. Understanding and acceptance of others becomes complete and allows for a sharing of higher energy with the Earth and all those who need support.

Visualize yourself as a tree with roots and branches. The roots are going into your Earth Star Chakra and the branches at the top are growing towards Spirit/Source. There too shall be many branches growing out towards your fellow humans and the other beings that inhabit your planet.

A tree is unable to survive without the nutrients and nourishment it receives via the roots which are strongly rooted within the Earth. Neither can it survive without the sunlight and energy it receives through its leaves via photosynthesis.

You too cannot survive without the Earth energy that sustains your human body and nor are you able you survive without your connection to Source/Spirit which sustains your soul. If you are to become a true bridge for the union of Heaven and Earth you need to utilize both and show respect and gratitude to both.

Once you allow for the connections to be made between yourself, the Earth, the Divine and your fellow inhabitants, understanding of the web of love within yourself and all else, will be simple. You will acknowledge that you are never alone; you are only ever loved and secure. You will discover that there is no need for protection or boundaries as all will flow through you with love.

It is only judgments and criticisms that encourage you to create boundaries for protection. If you take into account the fact that you are all one, that you are all equal, you will find that boundaries are unnecessary.

This web of love is vastly different to the Collective Consciousness. The web of love is created from your heart, the place of union for the Masculine and Feminine energies. The Collective Consciousness is a sharing of thoughts.

The web of love is your sanctuary and helps you to feel safe, warm and loved at all times. During this time especially it is important to connect with the web of love and to find the security and abundance of love that is available to each individual.

By embracing the chaos that exists in your minds and in the illusions that you have created you begin to allow for a flow of love energy within the Web of Love. When you begin to set up boundaries for protection you create blocks and you loose the flow of energy and your focus.

We urge you to begin grounding your bodies, finding balance within and allowing a flow of energy within the Web of Love. Connect with the Divine Grace and Balance and see the Earth and her inhabitants as a gift of love. It is time to release the old limiting cycles and patterns and to see the transformation of yourself, your planet and those around you.

The true purpose of your existence is the connection and sharing of love in a physical form. You have been given the gift of this experience of Source in your physical bodies and you have achieved something that has never been done before, the Union of Heaven and Earth.

The New Earth is created with love, passion and beauty. See the magnificence of yourself and your world and you will see the New Earth reflected back.

In love and light
AA Michael

Message Three: "The Lion's Gate 2005 : Breaking through the Veil of Illusions into New Earth". Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn.

crystalshower.jpg At this time of the Lion's Gate, and the influx of High Level Energy through the Sirius Stargate, many of you will come to realize that it is only your own illusions that hold you back from experiencing the Love and the Joy of New Earth now.

The last "veil" that keeps many people from understanding their true essence as a Being of Light in human form and their power as a Creator, is the "Veil of Illusion". These are the beliefs and ideas that have been taken on by humans over time, that serve to limit and confine and disempower. There are those among you on the Planet who seek to manipulate humanity through the creation and manipulation of illusions. As you awaken to your true nature, you will become aware of how many of you give your power away to such illusions that perpetuate disempowerment and fear.

The Veil of Illusions

Let us consider, dearest Lightworkers, the nature of an illusion. It is something that appears to be "real" or "truth", but yet is not so. It is a clever creation that is designed to lead people into believing something that has no truth or reality.

Most of your present day control systems work on the power of the Veil of Illusions. For humans who are not awake and aware can be controlled through fear and anxiety. Survival fears create great anxiety in humans, and unless you are in touch with your Higher Aspect - and the truth that you are always safe and protected if that is what you desire to create - then you can be manipulated and "misled" by those who create illusions for their own power and gain.

One of the most powerful illusions on the Planet, and one that has been fostered for thousands of years, is that of duality and conflict. That war and struggle are an "inevitable" part of the "human condition". This is not so! The truth is that the majority of humans seek to live in peace and harmony. It is the deepest need and urge of all on the planet. Yet those who seek control have always manipulated humans by playing on survival fears and whipping up emotions and angers, and creating wars based on false beliefs and fears. And never has this been easier than in an age when so many humans believe everything they "see" or "hear" in the mass media. Truly, dearest ones, you are learning fast to understand the nature of the Veil of Illusions!

Another powerful belief that leads to illusions is the belief that a "saviour" will come to change everything. This too is an illusion of duality, for it supposes that you are disempowered and require a being or beings of greater power to rescue you and save you from yourselves. Dearest ones, powerful teachers come and go, and they help to raise consciousness, but it is up to you as a Family or Collective, to create the changes you wish to see. That is why you are here. That is why the Indigo and Crystal Children have incarnated on your planet. Together you will create the changes! Dearest Ones, do not give your power away to those who offer the illusions that it will be done by someone else with more power. You have the power! Break through the illusion of limitation and take your power. As a Collective You will Create the New Earth. But only once you have broken through these disempowering illusions.

The Truth: Beyond Illusions

The truth is that we in the Higher Dimensions have watched patiently as humans have explored duality and control and given away their power as part of their evolution. We have waited patiently until you were ready to accept the inevitable truth of who you are and to release the illusions and fears that have kept you limited and disempowered.

For, in truth, you are Eternal and Infinite Beings of Light who take Material Form in order to explore the material dimensions and create within them. You are part of the One Family of Light, and you all seek to grow and evolve in the best way possible.

Maybe you considered duality and disempowerment a way to grow - but we think that you are now ready to release the limitations and conflicts and return to the consciousness of Unity and Oneness and Love. Accepting that you are Children of One Planet, and that you all seek the same goals of peace, security, and growth, will enable you to begin to pierce the veil of inherited illusions and find the Unity and the Oneness and the Love.

Taking on a state of Consciousness where you acknowledge that you are Powerful and Creative and a part of the Divine Essence of All That Is, is known as "Christ Consciousness". The promised "Second Coming of Christ" comes to you when each of you awakens to Who You Are. You carry the seed of the Christ consciousness within you, and when you awaken it opens like a Golden Flower of Love. The truth is that You are the Christed Ones, or the Crystal Ones. That is the message that your New Children, the Crystal or Christed Children bring to you. You are Homo Christos......the new Humans who will create the New Earth. That is the Truth of Who You Are when you Awaken, Dearest Ones. Let your children lead you into this reality, for in truth it requires the deep innocence of the child to awaken to this wonderful perspective of who you are. You have no need to give your power away to those who make claims that they have the Christ energy, for indeed it is the right of each one of you to claim the "Christ Consciousness" at this time of the Lion's Gate.

Unity and Diversity: the Ultimate Paradox

As you embrace the truth that you are Empowered Beings of Light who can release yourselves from manipulation and control and create the Planetary home you desire, you will also embrace the truth of your Diversity and Complexity.

The Planet is filled with humans who are unique individuals, as unique as their fingerprints and as diverse and beautiful in ther own way as snowflakes. When you release the limiting habits of duality, which create comparison and judgment, you will begin to celebrate and enjoy the diversity of the Human Family. And from that celebration will come mutual respect and tolerance and the desire to explore each other. Not through conflict and fear and struggle, but through Love and Sharing.

You will EMPOWER yourselves when you understand that every individual on the planet is worthy of Respect and Love. When every individual on the Planet feels they are loved and respected and part of a larger family, then you will have released the veil of illusions that has been cultivated and held in place for so long.

The gift of the Lion's Gate is that many of you will pierce the Veil of Illusions at this time. You will hold the energy of Love, of Family, of Sharing, so that every human on the planet may have the opportunity of entering into the Truth and finally moving through the Veil of Illusions. Anything or Anyone that asks you to give your power away is not from LOVE and is a part of the Veil of Illusion.

The truth is that you are Empowered Beings of Light and Love. Powerful Creators who can manifest whatever dreams you choose, Individually and as a Collective, with the support of Spirit and your Higher Aspect. Let these be Dreams of Peace and Love and Joy. Do not allow the energy of the Lion's Gate to be diverted into fear by those who seek to control. Let your creations of Love and Peace be stronger, lifted into manifestation by the Divine Energy of the Sirius Stargate. For if you focus on Love and Joy at this time, you will indeed create the miracles which are your birthright. You will create New Earth. It is here to be enjoyed right now!

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