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"Lightbody" by Jan Custers

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Message One: "Recalibration of the Lightbody to New Earth Frequency." Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

Dearest Lightworkers, at this time many of the First and Second wave of Ascended Humans are experiencing a spontaneous recalibration of the Lightbody or Merkaba. The purpose of this is to fully align those who are ready with the New Earth frequencies.

This recalibration process began at the opening of the 11:11:11 portal. That moment provided the opportunity for the "pioneers" of the first two waves to begin accelerating the velocity of their Lightbodies. This process continued, with the velocity increasing gradually, through December and into January. Now, at this point, many of you are experiencing the "breakthrough" into the New Earth velocity as your personal Merkaba or "Lightship" reaches the correct speed or spin velocity.

You will know this breakthrough moment, dear ones, you will feel as if you have finally "arrived". Everything will seem fresh and new and beautiful, and you will feel a deep and intense gratitude and love within yourself. Celebrate! You have aligned your personal Lightbody field with the frequency of the New Earth grids. You have indeed "arrived" - this part of your Ascension journey is completed! Truly it is : "Welcome Home!"

Dearest Ones, be aware that your Lightbody is now spinning at a very high velocity, and be very gentle with yourselves at this time. You have, in fact' left the Old Earth and been "reconnected" to the New Earth. It will take a little while before you "find your feet" again.

You may remember, dearest Lightworkers, how in the 1990s in the early days of Ascension, there was talk about how you would "disappear" when your Lightbody reached this spin velocity. Well, you have not entirely disappeared, because you are now multi-dimensional, and so you can maintain a "presence" in the lower dimensions. But your Heart and Higher Chakras are "tuned" to the New Earth frequency.

Indeed, you may have noticed in the last month or so, that you may have felt as if you had disappeared! As your frequency increased in velocity, those who were not able to make that shift right now might have dropped out of your life. You may have felt intense loneliness as your spin field increased and you were indeed moving "away" to a new place.

But know, dearest ones, that many of your Soul Families and Clan members will also be making this shift. The Angelic families are anchoring in the New Earth frequencies in large numbers right now! And, of course, in the next two years many more will experience the effects of vibrational synchronization, and will also raise their frequencies to join you in this new and shining place.

So - once again- Welcome Home!

These are the Physical Expressions of the Recalibration Process:

When you Arrive:

Message Two : "The New Earth Manifests : Changes in the Coming Cycle." Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn.

push.jpg Dearest Lightworkers, with the recent recalibration of planetary and personal lightbodies, the Earth has begun the final stages of her Ascension process. This commenced in the first weeks of January, wheh the collective decision was taken on the Higher Dimensisons to commence the Completion stages of the Earth's journey to her new multi-dimensional home.

Since the Paradise Grid was laid down in March 2005 and activated globally in 2005, the Planet has been ready to manifest on New Earth frequency. For those who are ready to fully anchor into the new grid, the time to begin manifesting New Earth is Now!

This has meant, dearest ones, that every living being on the planet has had to make a choice in the last few months. The choices have been made, and every living being has selected where they will be when the Earth completes the final stages of her Ascension in the near future.

This means, dearest Lightworkers, that the nature of your work will change substantially in the next year. You will no longer be required to provide the "bridge" for others. The choices have been made, and those who have chosen New Earth will complete their crossings and are being prepared for their new roles by their Higher Aspects. Those of you who have worked so hard in the last five years can now relax a little and turn your focus towards creating the communities and structures that will be seed points for the New Earth. This will be far easier than the Ascension work that you have been doing, where you have had to hold and carry new energies every few months! We know how exhausted many of you are at this time!

But, since the planet is now entered on her final ascension journey, there will be many changes, and very rapidly. These shifts will come after the March eclipses and Equinox, as the timeline stands now. These changes will result in the rapid disintegration of the Old Earth grids, allowing the New to finally arise.

Dearest Lightworkers, many souls may choose to leave when these shifts come. It is their choice and you will need to honor that choice. Those who have chosen the Ascension path will focus their attention on creating the New Earth and allowing the new energies to arise in their lives. Of course, these choices will remain open for some time, and it is possible to bring grace into the situation through the continued focus of love, peace and harmony in your own lives and towards others.

Everything has Changed

Dearest ones, many of you will have noticed the astonishing changes in the energy in January. Many of you feel a bit lost and without direction. Well, as we have said, for many this part of your work is now over. It is time to rest a little and to begin to enjoy the peace and the stillness of your new level of consciousness.

As the Old falls away, you will become more used to peace, calm and stillness. This will be a reflection of your inner state of being. You will learn to pause, to wait, to be patient and to allow the New to unfold in its own time. You will also learn, paradoxically, to spring into action when called to do so.

But, as we have said already - the work is changing. Many of you will be surprised at what you will be callled to do in the coming year. Remember to listen to your Heart and Inner Voice, and follow your guidance, it is the true lodestar of your being. Do not allow others to influence your choices. Your choices are yours, theirs may be different. Honor their choices and your own, for as we have said, many will be working in different places and in different ways as the Ascension process moves into this new phase.

Remember always that you work from Unconditional Love and that you are a Family. Love, Tolerance and Acceptance will be so important now. Honor each other and your choices. For every being on the planet has made the right choice for them at this time! Feel confident that the choices that you have made are the right ones!

"A New Wave of Starchildren incarnates on Earth: The Blue Star Children". Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn.

bluestarchild3.jpg Dearest Lightworkers, it gives us the greatest joy to share with you the news of a new wave of Starchildren coming to the Planet with the new energies. These beings have entered the Planetary energy field and being birthed at this time as the newest wave of Crystal Children

Their coming has been as part of the increased Radiance and Light that has surrounded the Earth since the 11:11:11 stargate. Their presence has assisted also in the increased acceleration of the Earth's Merkaba field. Individuals have also felt the increased velocity in their own Merkaba fields as they experienced the process of vibrational "entrainment" with these incoming starseeds and their higher levels of conscicousness.

The Blue Star Children have waited until this moment to incarnate on the Planet. They have waited until the Paradise grid was in place and a large group of Lightworkers have moved through to the 9th Dimension to hold the Christ Consciousness grid. Once these two factors were in place, the Blue Star Children were able to incarnate to do their special work.

They will be born at the 9th Dimensional level of Consciousness, and they will anchor their material incarnation into the Paradise Grid.

Children of the Blue Star

The Energy and Color Harmonic on which these children incarnate is a Ray of intense Sapphire Blue. But within this Sapphire Ray are also flashes of White Diamond Light. It is like Blue Lightening, a fiery cosmic energy of a very high vibration. Those of you who have been able to feel their energy have felt dizziness and spaciness, and experienced a detoxification as your bodies have "entrained" to the vibration of these incoming souls as they help to "lift" the Planet further on her Ascension journey.

What makes these New Children unique and wonderful as well, is that their soul templates derive from the Sirius Star System, and they bring a new template to Earth that will carry the seeds of further human spiritual evolution and growth in the New Earth. Yes, dearest souls, even now as the New Earth is birthing, the Higher Dimensions are mindful of ensuring that humanity continues to evolve and grow through the Octaves of Light.

The Blue Star Children carry within themselves the seeds of life on an Octave of Experience that begins with the Ninth Dimension, the place where most of you will have completed your Ascension journey. The Blue Star children stand poised to continue the journey towards the Light. But this will not be for many generations as yet, for these children will be seeds and what they bring will be shared with all of Earth's Crystal of Christed population.

Holding Peace and Bringing Vitality

Initially, the Blue Star children will incarnate across all communities, but they will seek specially to incarnate into Indigenous communities, or to parents who have close ties to Indigenous communities. The reason for this is that the first part of their work is to revitalize and re-energize the Indigenous traditions of the Earth.

As these children incarnate into these communties, their presence will be like Blue Lightening. There will be such a current of vitality in their presence that will transform and energize the traditions and wisdoms of the indigenous peoples. They themselves will honor these traditions and accord them great respect. This is necessary, so that the New Earth population will learn to accept and honor the Earth Wisdom of the Indigenous Communities once again. And that these communities shake off any feelings of exploitation and inadequacy, and once again honor the source wisdom in their traditions and rituals.

Initially, also, these children will be anchor points for the energy of Peace. Their very presence will radiate peace and calm. Those of you who have felt their vibration recently have also noticed how sensitive you feel, and how connected to the Flow of your Heart's feelings. This is the energy of the Blue Star children. They will be immensely powerful, but it will be the power of absolute integrity and alignment with Higher Principles. They will be completely aligned with the Energy of the Heart, and with the Light of Source from their Birth, and they will never lose that Higher Connection. They will be powerful, but they will also be very gentle. Their very gentleness will create that space of peace with which you will come to recognize them.

So, dearest Lightworkers, in the midst of all the turmoil and change and challenges of this special time, you are indeed privileged to welcome the Children of the Lightening Blue Ray to your Planet!

Image by Gaby van den Abeele

Poem by "Violet Fire" :

Blue Stars

The Crystal Children sensitives of the Earth
Welcome gentle babes upon their birth
Lightworkers filled with bubbling light
Vibrating in sync with wings of blue-white

Grids of connections above below and beyond
Radiating lights of protective peace song
Blue Lightening streakings above so high
Witnessed so bright in angelic night sky

Glowing smiles seen upon Gaias sweet face
Touching the truth of our Mothers heart race
Re-awakening the Soil..Rocks and the Trees
Breathing new life into Lakes Rivers and Seas

Soul flames ascending through invisible lines
Dancing the star waves into dimensions of nine
Seed Workers of Light... birth Spirits from afar
Calm peace arising Children of The Blue Star

Poems Copyright�VBS-2005-2006~VioletFire
[Inspired by AA Michaels message through Celia Fenn 01-29-06

© 2005-6 Celia Fenn
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