The Energies for November 2005

The Doorway to Absolute Integrity : The 11:11:11 Portal

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

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Dearest Lightworkers, you are indeed moving through a time of great turbulence and change. Some of you may already be feeling the effects in your life of the opening of the 11:11:11 Stargate, which culminates on the 11th of November. But while this will be a challenging time for all of you who are on the path of Conscious Ascension, it will also be a time of great Radiance and Clarity. The gift that is offered at this Stargate is the complete alignment of the Higher and Lower Aspects of the self in Absolute Integrity.

The 11:11:11 Gate and What it Means

The 11:11 Stargates are always times when the Planet experiences an influx of Spiritual Illumination. This is the first major Stargate after the Lion's Gate and the 8:8 Harmonic vortex in August. However, this year the energy is especially powerful, since the usual double 11 gate has been upgraded to a triple 11 gate. This is because in the energetic harmonics of numbers, the 11th of the 11th month 2005 also becomes an 11 (2+2+7=11).

This triple 11 vortex represents the culmination of energies that were initiated at the triple 7 or 7:7:7 doorway in July of this year, just as the Lion's Gate portal opened. At this event, the energy activated the full Twelve Chakra System of the Multi-dimensional Ascended Humans. In the past few months, you as Lightworkers and members of the first waves of Ascension, have been working to balance your Twelve Chakra systems and facilitate the activation of the lower chakras with the advanced energies of the Orange-Pink Ray, with the assistance of the Divine Feminine through the awakening of the Solar Feminine energies on the Planet.

Now, as this balance is achieved, you are able to work with the energies of the 11:11:11 Stargate to bring the Higher and Lower Aspects of your Being into complete Harmony and Alignment. This balance is achieved at the Heart Chakra, and the importance of being within your Heart's Light and allowing the Heart energies to flow at this time cannot be over-emphasized.

No matter how much negativity and chaos you see in the outer world, know that this is the right moment for you to move into Absolute Integrity of Intention and Purpose. To align your Higher Self with your Lower Self, and make your life an expression of the Radiant Energy of your Soul and Spirit. This will also not be an easy step for those who have chosen to make it, for everything in your life that is not in alignment with Higher Purpose will fall away from you. This will mean the ending of relationships and work changes that may be shocking in their rapid and intense disintegration.

But, no matter what happens, this is a time for absolute Honesty and Integrity and Openness towards the Self and Others. You have been working, in the last few months, to reach a point where your choices are made from the Heart. This skill will serve you well now. As you begin to demonstrate the reality of New Earth Consciousness, you will see only Beauty and Love. As the Old falls away to make room for the New, you will respond with Acceptance and Grace. You will know that there is a Higher Purpose to all that occurs, no matter how it seems or is perceived by you.

Energetic and Physical Symptoms of the 11:11:11 Stargate

Important dates in November...and towards the 12:12:13 Stargate in December

In November the Sun is in Scorpio, and moves into Sagittarius on the 22nd of November. The New Moon is on the 2nd of November, and the Full Moon on the 16th.

Mercury moves into Retrograde on the 14th of November through the 3rd of December, and this will intensify the difficulties and chaos of the changes being experienced. The retrograde will be in Scorpio and Sagittarius, and it will affect relationships and facilitate spiritual breakthrough and awakening. Many who are not yet on the path of Conscious Ascension will begin through process at this time, and another wave will commence.

This heightened and powerful energy will surge towards the 12:12:13 Stargate on the 12th of December and will culminates at the Solstice on the 22nd of December. In December Pluto moves into conjunction with the Galactic Center or Great Central Sun. The Sun itself joins the conjunction between the 15th and 17th December. The Energies for Transformation will radiate out from the Great Central Sun and be amplified through Pluto and the Sun. At this time, dearest Lightworkers, those of you who have completed your Alignments will shine like the Sun itself. You will be Radiant Stars of Light. People around you will sense and feel the Light that radiates out from you. You will be the Golden of Radiant Ones. You will form a network of Light and Hope and you will transform the Planet.

This is indeed a blessed time and a wonderful time. We watch with great joy as you wonderful Human Angels take your first steps into this Radiant Reality of Light.

As you pass through this Transformation, we ask you to remain centered and peaceful and keep your trust. Keep your balance. You have worked hard to achieve this balance as individuals. Now is the time to hold your balance as a Group and let the Planet see your Radiant Light!

For more Information on the 7:7:7 activations and the 12 Chakra System, please click here.

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