The Energies for October 2005

Expressing the Heart's Truth

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

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Dearest Lightworkers, October will be a quieter month in general, in which you will have a chance to integrate some of the powerful energies that you have experienced since the Lion's Gate in August. The focus in this month of October will be on the Heart and Relationships, whether expressed in communities or between individuals.

There are two eclipses this month, a Solar Eclipse on the 3rd of October at New Moon, and a Lunar eclipse on the 17th of October at Full Moon. As always, the eclipses provide opportunities for new codes or energetic patterns to be integrated into the planetary consciousness or matrix, especially as relates to those codes that define and express the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies on the planet.

The "Goddess" planet, Venus, will be dancing through Sagittarius from October the 8th. She will transit Pluto on the 24th and the Galactic Center on the 27th, creating a powerful surge of transformative energy relating to the spiritual and physical expression of the Divine Feminine energies on the planet. The warm and radiant fire of the Solar Goddess, the Orange-Pink Ray, will fire passion and joy in many hearts this month.

Experiencing the Heart's Truth

The energy of Libra, which dominates in October, is traditionally the energy of Relationships, Groups and Marriages. And also of Sacred Marriages - the Divine Union of Masculine and Feminine. In the clear and wonderful energy of October, we invite you to experience the Truth of your Heart and your Passions, and for those who are ready, the joys of a Sacred Union.

The Truth of the Heart manifests as Unity, Balance, Harmony and Gratitude, which constitutes true Spiritual Joy. These are the levels of consciousness of the Sixth Dimension, which you can experience fully if you take advantage of the energies available between the 3rd and the 27th of October.

You will be guided by your Higher Aspect to experience situations where you will have to make Choices. To react from the lower self with anger and fear, or to allow the Higher Self to manifest itself in Love, Unity, Acceptance and Joy. And you will be shown how to anchor in your own sense of passion and focus, and yet to respect the passion and focus of others, and their right to express this as they choose.

The Heart's Choices in Communities

The strongest spiritual energy in Lightworker communities in this cycle will be the need to unite and connect with those who are spiritual or soul "families". This will be a global "reunion", as people from across the planet find ways of connecting in groups and communities of love and support.

This sense of connection and joy will bring you together, and you will indeed share from your hearts. But, the choice you have to make now is to respect and honor these connections, even with those who are very different to you, and have different cultural values and ideas.

The Heart will lead you to understand the need to honor the diversity and differences in the Human Family, while celebrating the One Light in the Heart of All. Being able to accept the passion and truth of another and to honor it, invites the other to be accepting of your own passion and truth. And this creates the space for sharing, unity and love in communities of people who might be diverse and very different. The Heart knows the truth of the essential love in all beings, and so can honor the diversity in its expression and the way it is expressed. It can honor the sacred spaces created by others, as it honors its own.

The Heart's Truth in Individual Relationships

October will be a challenging month for many relationships. Mars retrograde in Taurus, means that many old patterns related to Old Earth patriarchal modes of relating will emerge to be recognized and cleared. In their place, the Solar Goddess of Love, Venus in Sagittarius, will offer new patterns of relating and union, based on what we might call the "Goddess Key" or the "Key to the Divine Feminine".

And this key is Tenderness.

Tenderness is a quality of being that evokes gentleness, kindness, nurturing and warmth. It is a quality that comes from an Open Heart and is received by an Open Heart. When you are in a state of Tenderness, you cannot be aggressive or angry, for your actions can only be light and gentle.

So, in your relationships you are invited to choose between the old reactions to challenges and growth, anger and fear, or the new way of moving forward, tenderness and openness. And it is true, dearest Lightworkers, that only those who have a strong sense of themselves and their own integrity will have the courage to enter into this space of the Open Heart. It is a powerful initiation for Lightworkers at this time.

It will therefore be a difficult choice at first, dear ones. In your culture, you are so accustomed to reacting to challenges and growth in human relationships from a basis of emotions of fear and anger. When things change, as they must, you often feel that the other person in not honoring you and is not behaving as you would like. You are challenged, now, to perceive that maybe your anger and fear is causing the other person to close you out in similar anger and fear. And if you opened your heart to tenderness and love, you might create a platform in the relationship for openness, and honest self-expression and trust, and this is the very basis of a soulmate union that can be transmuted into a sacred marriage of Twin Flames. And if not, if it is time to part, then this can be done with love and tenderness and respect.

So, dearest ones, October will challenge you to the very core, but the rewards will indeed be great. You will be asked to choose again and again, and to choose from the Heart. And the gift in this will be that as you learn to make these choices, you will create the openness and tenderness of being that will allow many of you to begin to create the loving soulmate unions that you so desire in your lives.

And so, we wish you well, dearest Lightworkers. Know that we in the Higher Dimensions are supporting you in every step of this new adventure of the Heart. This is the next step in your unfolding on the path of Ascension and Higher Consciousness.

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