by Celia Fenn

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Saturday 5th August
Rocky Bay, Western Cape
South Africa

Today was one of those perfect late winter days. After a week of constant rain and bad weather, the sun came out and the weather was glorious! The whales came out to enjoy the winter sunshine as well.

On the coastal road, I encountered a pod of about eight Southern Right Whales, and I spent about two hours with them. They were moving slowly up the coast, and I moved with them. Hopping into the car and driving just ahead of them, and then allowing them to swim past and then repeating the process.

I took nearly 500 shots as they played in the water just off the shoreline. (The wonders of digital technology and big storage cards!)

Here I would like to share some of the images with you.

As I entered into this wonderful joyous and playful energy, I almost found it hard to believe that on the other side of the planet people were at war and were killing each other. Here it was so peaceful and playful and joyous - a Paradise of blue skies, turquoise sea and magnificent and beautiful Cetaceans! The "Ancient Ones", as the Maori call them, still know how to create Peace and Love on the Planet.

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In these images you can see one of the whales playfully rolling over on its back to sun its belly.

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Some more Whale Joy!

Of course, all of this is accompanied by the spectacular sound effects of the whale "blows" as they come up to breathe. I am always amazed at the power and strength of these "blows".

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Fins and Flukes and Fun as the whales engage in a spot of whale socialization.

And below, an activity called "spy-hopping", when a whale "stands" on its flukes, or tail, and pushes its head out of the water so that it can see what is going on above the water line.

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In South Africa, whale watching starts early, especially if Mom and Dad are whale watchers too!

As you can see, the whales have quite an audience when they make a week-end appearance on the coastal road shoreline.

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Best quote I heard from the about five-year old Crystal child standing next to me, to his father, as he listened to the "blow" sounds: "Dad, what are they saying?"

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And, finally, here is one of those magical rings that they create sometimes when they play!

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