Channelled Messages for September 2004


Message Four: "Love and Protect the Children". The Crystal Children through Kate Spreckley.

The times ahead are to be filled with much light and love which will help to anchor more fully our vibration into the planet. The many parents who are parenting us are going to be guided to make changes in their lives that will enable them to find love and happiness which will filter down to the children and enable the children to feel and experience life from this perspective. Love being the most important aspect of our life and our existence.

There will be many changes felt by the children today and we ask that you show them more love and attention during this time. These children thrive on community parenting so surround them with as many loving people as possible and they will find the support and love that they need. The old ways of parenting no longer work and you will be guided to find new and different ways. Remember too that you will be told by the children what it is they need so trust your intuition and have faith in yourselves as parents.

Your children are picking up on all the pain and suffering being felt by children around the world. It is now time to stand as a united front against the atrocities that have plagued your children for many decades. The children are showing you how and it is time to follow their lead and to become their protectors. The responsibility of the children is yours, accept it and work towards finding ways to help. We urge you to do so now as the time has come to end all pain, fear and destruction and to bring in only love and light. The children need you to lead the way forward and as lighworkers it is your duty and your purpose as the children are the future.

The suffering of children will no longer be tolerated and they are working with you to bring love, peace and joy to the hearts of children around the world. Work with us and this will be achieved so much faster.

It is time for all of humanity to connect with each other, the earth and the universe and to see life from this perspective. This will come about as you all begin to work in tandem with each other and with a common goal and focus. Lightworkers across the earth are and have been working together to bring in and ground the new vibrations and now will be a time for others to take up their roles as creators of the New Earth.

Together with the lightworkers they will be showing by example the new way of being. The first step will be in creating awareness of the plight of children around the globe and the need to help and create programs to benefit the children. Many of you will be asking what it is that you can do and you will be guided to use your unique gifts in ways that will benefit the children. Some of you may view these ways as insignificant, but we would like to remind you that just one small step can lead the way to a new way of living. Do what is in your heart and follow where your heart leads you.

In love and peace

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